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Address: 9/8, Ladozhskaya str., Moscow, Russia
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+7 (499) 261-68-66

International Department
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+7(499)-264-6880, +7(499)-264-9064


 The THIRD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE "Language and Culture" Moscow, Institute of Foreign Languages

23 - 25 September, 2005



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Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages (MIFL) is one of the first non-government non-profit institutions of higher education established in Moscow. In the early 1990's it was known as the Moscow Teachers Training Institute of Foreign Languages "Gaudeamus".

The Institute is an officially accredited higher and post-graduate educational institutionl (State Accreditation No. 1065).

Chencellor - academician Emma F. Volodarskaya, president of the Russian Academy of Linguistic Sciences.

The Institute appeared in the response to the Russia's expanding economic and cultural ties with foreign countries, the constantly growing interest in foreign languages and other nation traditions, and the increasing role of the humanities in the life of the human society and each individual.

The Institute aims to train highly-skilled experts in Philology, Linguistics, Economics and Law on the basis of the best traditions of the Russian science and education and the latest scientific and educational achievements. The status of a non-government institution enables the Institute to attain its aims on an independent and flexible basis and, at the same time, provide jobs for a large number of scholars and teachers, who form a sizeable part of the national intellectual force, in the sphere of higher education.

The professors and teachers of the Institute successfully teach, develop new teaching methods and carry out an extensive research work. The Institute regularly publishes manuals, monographs, study program and scientific works.

Together with the Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Foreign Languages publishes journal "Voprosy Filologuii" (Issues of Philology).

The Institute works in a close cooperation with UNESCO in the field of establishing of the international examination syndicate.

The key area of the IFL activities is to maintain close ties with colleges and universities abroad, and, in the first place, with the Cambridge University in Great Britain, one of the world's oldest and most famous institutions of higher education.

In 1997 the IFL became the first Cambridge International Centre in Russia Cambridge certificates of education (IGCSE, AICE), which is convincing proof of the institute's high repute in the authoritative opinion of Cambridge University.

For students of the English Department, Cambridge examinations are compulsory. Students of other departments can take IGCSE and AICE examinations at will.

Address: 9/8, Ladozhskaya str., Moscow, Russia

Tel : +7 (495) 261-68-66

International Department

Tel/fax: +7(495)-264-6880, +7(095)-264-9064



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